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Please use this form to request payment of your open access fee for research funded by RCUK and/or one or more of the Charities Open Access Fund (COAF) partner charities.

For queries, please email

Please note that only Article Processing Charges (APCs) can be paid from the University's RCUK and COAF block grants.

Page, colour and other publication charges remain the responsibility of the author or department.


1.1. Please check all boxes below to confirm that your paper meets all the funding eligibility criteria. Required

Papers must meet these requirements to be eligible for open access publication funding from RCUK or COAF.

Sherpa/FACT can be used to check that the publisher meets you funders' conditions.

If you have any queries about these requirements, please contact the Open Access Team:

Author details

Please identify the University of Bristol author responsible for the publication.

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Please state the name of the corresponding author if this is different from the author listed in question 9 above.

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Grant details

5.5. Funder(s) of Bristol-held grants acknowledged in the paper:  Required

Please select all funders which are acknowledged on the paper.

Please select at least 1 answer(s).

Please include the names) of the persons holding the grants indicated above.

Please include the external grant reference codes for the grants listed above, not the internal University finance codes. If the grant relates to a studentship without a unique grant reference number, please include a brief desciption of the grant here.

Details of paper

8.8. Publisher: Required

Financial information

Bristol's RCUK block grant has been used to deposit money in a number of prepayment accounts. If any Bristol held RCUK grants are acknowledged in the paper, check if the publisher appears in our list of prepayment accounts and follow the relevant instructions to arrange the payment. If the publisher does not appear in this list, or the paper does not acknowledge one or more of the UK Research Councils, request and invoice from the publisher using the following contact details for billing:

​Open Access Administrator, Library Services, University of Bristol, 40 Berkeley Square, Bristol, BS8 1HU

9.9. Method of payment: Required

Use this box to notify the Open Access team about any additional information concerning your claim, which is not included elsewhere on the form.