Page 1: About you

Please complete and submit this online questionnaire so that we can contact you about library support at the University. Completing the questionaire takes approximately 5 minutes but this may vary depending on your personal circumstances. Please note that you must complete the entire questionnaire in one go.

5.5. Select from the list: Required

Please select at least 1 answer(s).

Disability Services ( provides:

  • Confidential information, advice and guidance for current and prospective UK, EU and international students
  • Information about funding to pay for study support, such as Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) and the University's Disability Resource Fund (DRF)
  • Information about support at University, such as exam arrangements or advice for your School about supporting you in your studies
  • Liaison with other parts of the University, such as the Library or the Accommodation Office about the impact of your disability
  • Signposting to other sources of information and support
  • Advice and guidance for University colleagues supporting disabled students

About your support requirements

 Please note that we will need to have further contact with you before some support is put in place. Indicating your potential support needs above does not mean that this support will be implemented. Please choose all that apply or use 'Other'.

6.6. What library support services would you find helpful? Please see Library Support webpages for further information. Required
7.7. How did you find out about the Library Support Service? Required

Storing your information

8.8. I understand that the information on this form will be held and recorded in accordance with the terms and conditions of the 1998 Data Protection Act, and will be available to Library Support staff only to alert them to services that have been requested and agreed with me and will not be used for any other purpose. Required

Sharing your Library Support service information

9.9. I agree that information relating to Library Support services can be shared with Library and other University colleagues (where necessary) to ensure that support is made availalable  to me.  Library Support service information will be recorded and shared on my library account to ensure that  the service can be successfully implemented. Required